If you are searching for a content writer about a HUMAN LIVING SPACE

for your website, a blog or a magazine, you have come to the right place.

My name is Ivana Korac and I can provide you with the first-rate material,

thoroughly researched and articulated to fit your distinctive audience.


My twelve-year long career and education in architecture and design count numerous written essays, concept drafts, project proposals, and technical displays for the projects I have been working on. Additionally, I used to blog (in Serbian language only) about architectural reconstructions where I shared my knowledge and thoughts on related topics.

Although my professional road began in the field of ARCHITECTURE and DESIGN, throughout the life my interests expanded to the areas of HUMAN MIND and BEHAVIOR, HEALTH and WELL-BEING, LIFESTYLE, ECOLOGY, and TRAVEL. In that regard, I have framed my writing niche around those particular spheres of life.

Depending on the context and the theme, I like to include many of these viewpoints in my writing, as well as to write about those subjects alone.

I enjoy the research and the analysis of the topics in question, as much as the creative synthesis of ideas that arise from the process. When the concept is established, my architectural mind produces unique pieces of work as it cares about the philosophy behind the subject, the structure of a composed form, and the beauty of a written word.

I write in English and Serbian language.


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